Public Vending- and Outdoor-Package

Vending machines for public areas need to be reliable, safe and robust. Protection from weather effects, theft and vandalism is therefore essential. The Public Vending- and Outdoor-Package provides the right protection for your Wurlitzer machine.

Equipped with cutting-edge security features, our Public Vending machines can be easily operated at railway stations, swimming baths or motorway service stations and ensure uncomplicated around-the-clock-sales without additional staff costs. The flexible stocking of the vending machine allows operators to offer customers a wide range of products - from snacks, drinks, drugstore items and souvenirs to technical accessories, such as headphones or memory cards for cameras.

Features of the Public Vending-/Outdoor-Package include wall and floor fixtures, sun-blocking glass, anti-graffiti coat and secure coin insertion and return.

The Public Vending- and Outdoor-Package is available for Wurlitzer W 1000 and W 850 vending machines.

Public Vending- / Outdoor-Package

  • Wall fixing
  • Safety glass (shatter-proof plastic pane in front of double-glazed window)
  • Sun blocking glass
  • Top cover
  • Door gap cover
  • Security coin insertion and security coin return
  • Anti-graffiti-coated: door, case, real wall und top cover (in RAL 9006)
  • Floor fixing plate, fixed to the ground with screws
  • Optional: stainless steel protection plates for extra padlock

Your vending benefits at a glance

24/7 sales - without additional staff costs

Integrated cooling system - adjustable dual-zone cooling up to 3°C

Automatic temperature control

Integrated heating against freezing

The SmartWaiter lift system dispenses fragile goods safely

Low-maintenance and easy to service

Monitoring possible by mobile phone

Optimal presentation of products thanks to integrated LED lighting

Personalised exterior design (optional for extra charge)

Equipment and configuration

W 1000 OD/PV

Dimensions (B/H/T):
• OD: 107,1 cm x 187,5 cm x 98,8 cm
• PV: 102,6 cm x 183 cm x 88,3 cm

Wurlitzer W 1000
OD/PV - 645
6 trays
45-60 selections
Up to 663 products
(with standard spirals)

W 850 OD/PV

Dimensions (B/H/T):
• OD: 91,9 cm x 187,5 cm x 98,8 cm
• PV: 87,4 cm x 183 cm x 88,3 cm

Wurlitzer W 850
OD/PV - 636
6 trays
36-48 Wahlen
Up to 566 products
(with standard spirals)

Power supply: 230 V
Power consumption: 550 W incl. refrigeration unit

(OD: Outdoor Vending machine)
(PV: Public Vending machine)


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