Wurlitzer providing systems

Wurlitzer has developed providing systems for industry to help companies clearly and effectively store, utilise and manage operating equipment precisely where they are needed during industrial production.

Based on our tried-and-tested spiral vending machines and state-of-the-art software, our providing systems supply uncomplicated material dispensing combined with an electronic inventory system. They can be integrated into all standard ERP and IT environments.

The equipment is dispensed using spiral vending machines that are particularly well suited for small technical parts, consumables, protective equipment, industrial safety products and tools. They are easy to use and can be individually configured. Thanks to flexible product spirals, the machine can be filled with products of different sizes. The compact machines can also be placed and used where the material is required and processed – directly in the production hall. This reduces long distances and the time spent looking for material.

Wurlitzer providing systems in detail

Our complete packages comprising material dispensing machines and system software are based on the Wurlitzer W 1000 and W 850 machines. The number of machines that can be integrated into the control system is unlimited.

The system software offers compatible interfaces for the transfer of data to existing ERP systems. It is operated via an integrated display with a touchscreen. A bar code scanner is used when retrieving and storing material, which keeps an exact record of the material.

Flexible stocking options: from industrial safety items to tools

Wurlitzer providing systems for your inventory management can be customised to meet customers’ needs. They are well suited for industrial safety articles and protective equipment, such as protective clothing, industrial safety goggles and industrial safety gloves as well as technical and construction equipment. Vending machines are also an optimal way of enhancing enterprise resource planning (ERP).


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