Additional features for vending machines

Wurlitzer vending machines offer a wide range of innovative accessories and special features. The features of the W 1000, W 850, W 700 spiral vending machines plus Deli BL and Backloader can be adjusted to the customer’s requirements, allowing them to sell a wide range of products. Here is an overview of the various modules and technical features.

Tray inserts and payment systems:

  • Tray inserts for tube products to increase capacity.
  • Top loader to increase capacity of very small products
  • Tray for sandwiches with wider compartments
  • Can rail
  • Heavy weight trays for 45 or 80 kg carrying capacity
  • Push system: Spring push as alternative to transport via spirals
  • Duomat operation: 18 spirals with wire diameter of 5 mm
  • Vend light gate prevents loss of money if empty tray is selected
  • Shortcut push buttons
  • Security coin insertion and security change cup
  • Cash-free payment systems for magnetic strips, chips or key systems
  • Receipt printer and automatic sales indicator

VarioTemp cooling system:

  • The cooling system for various cooling requirements for Wurlitzer W 1000, W 850 and W 700 machines, integrated in FarmerShop, ButcherShop and other commercial solutions
  • Two variable temperature zones in one machine, individually adjustable with a zone divider
  • The size of each temperature zone can be quickly adjusted by moving the temperature zone divider
  • Operating the machine without the divider results in a nearly even temperature throughout - adjustable to 3°C (37°F)
  • Cold zone to 3°C, moderated temperature zone adjustable to the ambient temperature.
  • Two sensors and two temperature displays

Download VarioTemp fact sheet

Elevator system SmartWaiter:

  • The SmartWaiter lift system dispenses fragile and sensitive products from the tray directly to the delivery compartment. Available for Wurlitzer W 1000, W 850 and W 700
  • Innovative design and robust engineering ensure reliable operation
  • Silent, low maintenance drive belt
  • Programmable stop position for optimum adjustment
  • Internal locking flap mechanism ensures cabinet insulation
  • Delivery compartment locked closed during vend procedure
  • Eye catching advertising opportunity - visible elevator features easily exchanged full width advertising and information panel

Download SmartWaiter fact sheet

Drinks Module (Can/Bottle Module):

  • The module tray for cans and PET bottles can be filled with up to six different kinds of drinks.
  • The module tray can also be installed for snacks, sweets and food products. This is available for Wurlitzer W 1000, W 850 and W 700 machines
  • High drinks capacity through the modular system
  • Easy adaption to different can and bottle sizes within minutes
  • Exchange of the special modular tray for two spiral trays within minutes
  • Sales promoting presentation in 'full-view' design also for cans and bottles as the customer buys the product the he can see
  • Optional with VarioTemp (operation with two different temperature zones), Vend light gate, Can adapter for 0,25l cans
  • Robust rotating dispensers
  • Transparent cover constructed of durable acrylic glass
  • Clear and flexible arrangement of product and price labels
  • Can and bottle sizes:
    • Cans: 0,25 l, 0,33 l, 0,375 l and 0,5 l content, diameter for 0,25l cans (can adapter required): min. 51 mm, max. 57 mm
    • PET bottles: 0,33 l and 0,5 l conten, diameter: min. 58 mm, max. 67 mm

Download Can/Bottle Module fact sheet

Individual design and advertising options:

  • Add some colour to your Wurlitzer vending machine
  • Individual design from classic metallic to a more colourful look: colours, product images and logos support your brand image and trigger the impulse to buy
  • Special coatings in RAL colours of your choice for an extra charge. On request, we can decorate your vending machine with your company or products' stickers.
  • Additional, closed advertising compartment with four illuminated areas for company or product advertising available for the Wurlitzer W 1000, Wurlitzer W 850, Wurlitzer W 700 and DELI BL models
  • Place your advertisements at eye level directly between the products on the promotional rails of the trays or on the promotional buttons on the selection console.
  • Use the SmartWaiter with the large, replaceable advertising and information space on the front of the machine
  • The LED lighting and large display window ensure your products are well presented

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Heating system and other features:

  • Winter heating to prevent products from freezing in cold temperatures during winter
  • Film heating: insulating film protects goods from freezing in cold temperatures, particularly suitable for machines with lifts. Easy to retrofit.
  • Protection features: Public Vending- and Outdoor-Package with security coin returner, lockable cash box, security locking system, door-gap cover and many others.
  • VIDTS interface
  • Lighting for delivery space
  • Used for transporting thanks to narrow (73 cm) door opening


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