Universal Vending Machines

 Spiral Vending Machines

    Wurlitzer 1000, 850


    Food Vending Machines

    'Full-View-Multi-Selection' Drink Vending Machines


    – Features

    Special module


 Deep-freeze Vending Machines


Innovative design and robust engineering ensure reliable
Silent, low maintenance drive belt

Programmable stop position for optimum adjustment

Internal locking flap mechanism ensures cabinet insulation

Delivery compartment locked closed during vend procedure
Eye catching advertising
opportunity - visible elevator
features easily exchanged full
width advertising and
information panel

Wurlitzer 1000 630 x 123 mm
Wurlitzer 850 478 x 123 mm

Home position of
the Smart Waiter
Drive of the Smart
Waiter up to selected
Delivery of the selected
product and return to
the end position
End position and
unlocking of the
delivery flap