Universal Vending Machines

 Spiral Vending Machines

    Wurlitzer 1000, 850

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    – Spiral configuration

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    Food Vending Machines

    'Full-View-Multi-Selection' Drink Vending Machines


    Special module


 Deep-freeze Vending Machines

4 - 6 trays
20 - 60 selections
Max. capacity:
1408 products

Width 102.0cm
Height 183.0cm
Depth 86.3cm

without cooling unit 335kg
with cooling unit 370kg

4 - 6 trays
16 - 48 selections
Max. capacity:
1144 products

Width 86.8cm
Height 183.0cm
Depth 86.3cm

without cooling unit 305kg
with cooling unit 340kg

- Programmable microprocessor control unit (IVC2)
  with data storage, test and service programs
- Prepared for coin systems with change:
  MDB standard
  Executive standard (from end of May)
- Connection for cashless payment systems
- Slide-out assembly with control unit and coin system
  for easy maintenance
- Illuminated alphanumeric display in two lines
- Food cooling unit
- Internal thermometer with visible digital temperature

- Power saving mode with programmable low
  temperature level
- Time controlled, interruptible illumination
- Panel, delivery flap, trays and spirals made of stainless
- Prepared for VarioTemp different temperature zones
- Steel cabinet with reinforced foamed isolation
- Standard colour: RAL 9006 (white aluminium)

Wurlitzer 700 vending machine with width of only 72cm upon request.

Technical details
Cooling unit - Sealed system with R134A refrigerant (free of CFCs) - Adjustable temperature range from 3C up to ambient temperature - Maximum ambient temperature 32C Power consumption with cooling unit 590watts without cooling unit 70watts All models also available without cooling unit for vending of non-food products. Power supply 230volts Extra-low voltage supply for internal functions Illumination 2x21watts