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With modern jukebox design and simple operating features, the LYRA is the ultimate musical experience for the eyes and ears.

The Lyra generates access to millions of songs on the internet. It allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations and stream live music online. You can build your own playlists with the comfort of a fast-acting touch screen and back up your own music from CDs, DVDs or mobile devices, attachable through USB ports.
320 GB of memory gives you space for over 60,000 mp3s. And you can share your archives with others by simply burning a CD or downloading through one of the USB ports.
We took the best jukebox and made it even better. With the ADAM ART technology, we proudly present the highest fidelity in a compact and appealing design. Experience music together on the LYRA.
The sound will blow you away!

- High quality audio system made by “Adam”,
- 200watt rms amplifier
- External studio quality speakers, discrete
  subwoofer in cabinet
- Integrated active 10” subwoofer
- CD/DVD burner, SD-MMC-xD card reader,
  2 x USB 2.0
- High resolution 15” touchscreen with easy
  to use interface
- Hard disk 320GB holds more than 500 of
  your favorite audio CDs or 60,000 mp3s
- Direct play from CDs or memory sticks
- Automatically loads music from audio CDs,
  cell phones, data CDs, data DVDs, thumb
  drives, USB drives, media sticks and more
- Online operation including wireless network
- Customizable playlists
- Backs up your music collection to writable
  CDs or DVDs for safe keeping
- Many additional features including tamper
  protection, auxiliary input and custom
- Live streaming music
- Internet radio
- Additional language support
- Infrared remote control
- Loudspeaker stands optional
Height 156.5cm
Width 45.5cm
Depth 48.0cm
Weight 56kg

Power supply
110 - 240v, 50/60cps
Power consumption
Amplifier 210w
PC 60w
Touchscreen 50w
                    LYRA with optional stand speakers