Universal Vending Machines

 Spiral Vending Machines

    Wurlitzer 1000, 850


    Food Vending Machines

    'Full-View-Multi-Selection' Drink Vending Machines


    Special module


 Deep-freeze Vending Machines

Wurlitzer 1000-D and Wurlitzer 850-D
drink vending machines for vending
of glas and PET bottles, cans,
tetrapacks and soft packings

- Elevator system SmartWaiter for gentle
  dispense of drinks to the delivery box
- Standard trays with carrying capacity
  of up to 45kg
- Reinforced trays with carrying capacity
  of up to 80kg for 1-liter-bottles
- Adjustable cooling unit for optimum
  temperated drinks

Wurlitzer 1000-D
50 selections
300 drinks
Wurlitzer 1000-D
40 selections
240 drinks