Universal Vending Machines

 Spiral Vending Machines
 Deep-freeze Vending Machines

Universal Vending Machine
Wurlitzer 1000 and
Wurlitzer 850

Wurlitzer 1000, 850
with VARIOTEMP for
different temperature

Food Vending Machines
Wurlitzer 1000, 850 with
special trays for

Drink Vending Machines

Wurlitzer 1000, 850 with
reinforced trays

lift concept, to make sure of
a soft landing for delicate or
fragile products
Wurlitzer 1000, 850
with space-saving special
module for visible cans
and bottles
Vending Machine
Backloader - can be filled
from both front and back
Deep-freeze vending machine
DELI BL for individually
wrapped ice cream and
frozen food