Classic 2100


 One More Time CD
 OMT CD - iPod
 One More Time Vinyl
 Rave On
 Jukebox history

Chrome, light and glass cloak the latest jukebox
technology. An icon of the 50s and 60s is gloriously
The Wurlitzer Classic 2100 a real eye catcher
anywhere !


- CD changer for up to 100 CDs
- Philips CD-PRO player
- Stereo amplifier K99 with 2x55w rms
- Mono subwoofer with separate amplifier
- Cover and title display by 2 flat screens of 10
- Prepared for bill acceptor (USA only)
- Electronic coin acceptor, programmed to national
- Control PC with professional operating system
  Windows or Linux
- Connections for additional speakers, amplifier and
- Infrared remote control for volume, mute, cancel
  title and title selection
- Extensive possibilities for programming (Background
  music, continuous play, facility to disable single tracks,
  free play, etc.)
- Ionization filter with exchangeable filter insert
- Motor driven coin return
- Coloured illumination of the player mechanism

Height 57.1inch
Width 35.4inch
Depth 29.6inch
Weight 374lbs

Power supply
120VAC, 60cps