Drink Vending Machines

 Tradition W 64
 'Full-View-Multi-Selection' Drink Vending Machines
 Special module

With the Wurlitzer modular tray for drinks in cans
and PET bottles the models Wurlitzer 1000 and
Wurlitzer 850 become 'multi talented'.

Up to 6 different drink selections as well as sweets,
snacks and foodstuffs are on sales display.


- Up to four trays for sweets, snacks and foodstuffs
- Special modular tray for up to 6 different selections of drinks
- High capacity through the modular system

More flexible
- Easy adaptation to different can and bottle sizes within
- Exchange of the special modular tray for two spiral trays
  within minutes

More attractive
- Sales promoting presentation in ‘full-view’ design also for
  cans and bottles as the customer buys the product that he
  can see