Cigarette Vending Machines




 Space GN 3000

Cigarette Vending Machine INTERNATIONAL L
27 - 35 selections

Cigarette Vending Machine INTERNATIONAL M
17 - 25 selections


- Attractive steel cabinet with special vandalism protection
- Central lock with 5-point locking
- Robust locking mechanism with safety lever
- Illuminated pack delivery area with separate coin return
- Showcase with illuminated advertising panel
- Different displays
- Displays easily changed

Control panel
- Strong metal 12-button keyboard with integrated return
  button for motor driven coin return
- Illuminated brand and price labels
- Large alphanumeric display in two lines
- Coin insertion indication
- Column empty indication

Single drives for all columns with `empty-column-sensor´,
adjustable in height and width for special pack sizes

Electronic coin acceptor with additional DW-string catcher

Power supply
- 120VAC, 60cps
- Extra-low voltage supply for internal functions
- IVC electronic control unit with data storage
- Data transfer via IR interface according to
  EVA-DTS standard