Classic 2100
 One More Time CD
 OMT CD - iPod
 One More Time Vinyl
 Rave On


 Jukebox history

The RAVE ON plays 'musique la carte'.
The large title and CD cover display shows 18 title
cards and covers at a time.
At the touch of a button the rotating 3-sided prisms
show all 50 CDs in less than 10 seconds.


- 60 CDs, more than 1200 tracks
- Amplifier 2 x 55watts RMS
- Alphanumeric display in 2 lines showing all functions
  and programming
- Full CD library displayed in less than 10 seconds
- Title and cover of 18 CDs visible at a time
- Additional 4 advertising promotion panels
- Stereo 2-way loudspeaker system
- Programmable Play Stimulator
- Album play programmable
- Lock-out of individual tracks
- Connections for microphone, additional amplifier,
  external loudspeakers and output transformer

Height 59.5inch
Width 31.3inch
Depth 24.5inch
Weight 302lbs

Power supply
120VAC, 60cps