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Automated sales are easier
said than done

Selling from vending machines
does not always take place
automatically: Just as for
a normal sales person, the
vending machine needs to
use its own special box
of tricks to attract customers.

The requirements are
different depending on the
product and, of course, the
vending machine, which has
a technical service life of
at least ten years and has
to be capable of matching
all market requirements.
The staff at Deutsche Wurlitzer
are therefore permanently doing
their best to optimise our
vending machines from every

Quality pays automatically
The Design of the vending machine must not only appeal to modern society, but also match the spirit of the age in 10 years' time. Payment systems are nowadays going through rapid changes, not only due to the Euro. Vending machines have to be fitted out with change givers, bill acceptors and cashless payment systems and, in addition, must accept magnetic cards, chipcards or payment through mobile phones. Wurlitzer is in continuous contact with all dealers across the world in order to be able to follow current trends and implement these as technical solutions. We at Deutsche Wurlitzer are, of course, proud of our Intelligent Vending Controller (IVC) for snack and cigarette vending machines developed in 1986. This can be easily reprogrammed to suit all Euro applications and accepts electronic purses and modern data reading via GSM or the Internet. Previously, vending machines were stocked up once a week, filled, and the data was logged by hand. Nowadays, modern vending machines have to be able to communicate with the control centre via radio, telephone or the Internet in both directions. Deutsche Wurlitzer engineers continuously follow all important developments across the world in order to react quickly and to implement new technologies in our control systems. This provides a challenge both for the software and electronic engineers. The mechanical flexibility of the vending machine is also very important. Cigarette machines nowadays not only have to sell standard packages, but also cigars, tobacco or packs of 30 or 50 cigarettes. Wurlitzer goods vending machines have special spirals and goods compartments for cigarette packs, stamps or telephone cards. In order to be able to sell such fragile products as yoghurt from spiral vending machines, Wurlitzer developed the 'SMART WAITER' which uses an elevator system to transport the goods carefully to the outlet. Any customer who is standing in front of a vending machine is a critical consumer who expects absolute quality and perfection. For this reason, Wurlitzer has set very high standards for all stages of production from conception right up to final inspection. Wurlitzer vending machines are in use right across the world. The next technical service station may very well be hundreds of kilometers away, and this means that quality and reliability are keywords in the way we deal with things. With DEUTSCHE WURLITZER GMBH, you have made the right decision, because quality pays automatically at any time anywhere in the world.