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Max. 8 selections
Stacking heights:
6 selections with 185mm each
2 selections with 355mm each

Max. 6 selections
Stacking height:
6 selections with 215mm each

Stacking height adjustable in
steps of 32mm.
Possibility to vend magazines
along with newspapers.

Magazine format:
Max. size 305 x 415mm
Min. size 200 x 240mm
Max. thickness 10mm

Technical details
Product delivery by needle drive Programmable microprocessor control unit with data storage and test programs Slide-out assembly with control unit and coin system for easy maintenance Easy exchange of price labels and actual newspapers in the showcase and inside the machine Easy change of prices Quick and easy conversion of compartments to different paper sizes Illuminated showcase for 8 magazines/newspapers External delivery compartment Powder coated steel cabinet Standard colours: RAL 9006 (white aluminium) or RAL 3020 (traffic red) Stainless steel control panel Clear, strong metal keyboard with integrated return button for motor driven coin return Vend light gate Extras: Bank note acceptor Cash or credit card systems Receipt printer Security coin insertion Illuminated advertising header Removable foot panels Other RAL colours upon request Dimensions: Height 183cm Width 87cm Depth 87cm Weight: MV8 ND 334kg MV6 ND 318kg Power supply: 230volts Extra-low voltage supply for internal functions