Drink Vending Machines

 Tradition W 64


 Special module

and columns:

2 selctions, 2 columns

Easy adjustment
of columns for
cans or bottles


min. 52mm,
max. 66mm
Diameters of
52 up to 62mm
require additional
column insert (Extras)
min. 92mm,
max. 306mm

Capacity per

0.25l cans
40 / 80
with column spacer
only (Extras)
0.33l cans
32 / 64
0.50l cans
16 / 32
0.33l glass bottles
16 / 32
0.50l PET bottles
16 / 32
Special design
only for USA
Some examples for special versions with individual branding

Technical details
Electronic: Microprocessor control unit Vend and cash counter Password lock for different settings MDB or Executive interface Payment system: Coin acceptor with or without change Machine can also be operated without coin system in free vend mode Power supply: Power consumption 250watts 230volts, 10amps, 50cps Other voltages upon request Extra-low voltage supply for internal functions Weight approx. 117kg