Drink Vending Machines

 Tradition W 64


 'Full-View-Multi-Selection' Drink Vending Machines
 Special module

Nostalgic Cold Drink Vending Machine
TRADITION W64 - a representative solitaire

TRADITION W64 for cold drinks in cans and bottles -
a replica of the famous V44 vendor.

- Steel cabinet with two-colour high gloss powder coat finish
- Doors out of steel and strong polysterol material,
  two-colour high gloss paint
- Design and control elements made of chromium-plated
  zinc cast moulding
- Modular construction for easy maintenance
- 2 wheels and strap for transport

Cooling unit
- Sealed system with R134a refrigerant (free of CFCs)
- Adjustable from 2C to 15C

Control elements
- 5-digit LED display
- Selection lever with easy LH/RH movement
- Bottle opener included
- Delivery control to avoid collision of cans and bottles
  in the delivery compartment.

Payment system
- Coin acceptor with or without change
- Machine can also be operated without coin system in
  free vend mode