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The DELI BL deep-freezer vending machine
is a cool salesman, because its large shop window
allows presentation of up to 32 different varieties
of pre-packed ice cream to tempt impulse buyers.

- Programmable microprocessor control unit (IVC)
  with data memory, test and service programs
- Easy maintenance of electronic control unit and
  coin system via pull-out assembly
- Motor driven coin return
- Alphanumeric credit and text display
- Electronic interior thermometer with external digital
- Show case with security glass
- Seamless foamed cooling cabinet
- Motor driven cooling cabinet flap
- Anticorrosive, powder coated steel cabinet
- Standard colour RAL 9010 (pure white)
- Stainless steel panel and delivery flap
- Robust 3-point locking with lever and central lock
- Stainless steel trays, tiltable for filling
- Stainless steel spirals are easily exchanged for
  different product sizes
- 4 trays with 4 or 8 selections per unit
- Special tray for cones