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    Special module

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    Advantage WSS 630

 Deep-freeze Vending Machines

Vending Machines
Multi SSL, SL and BL
with the Wurlitzer
special module for
visible cans and
PET bottles

With the Wurlitzer modular
tray for drinks in cans and
PET bottles the models
Multi SSL, SL and BL
become 'multi talented'.

Up to 6 different drink
selections as well as
sweets, snacks and
foodstuffs are on sales

Technical details
Up to four trays for sweets, snacks and foodstuffs Wurlitzer modular tray for up to 6 different selections of drinks High capacity through the modular system Easy adaptation to different can and PET bottle sizes within minutes Exchange of the modular tray for two spiral trays within minutes Sales promoting presentation in 'full-view' design also for cans and PET bottles as the customer buys the product that he can see