Universal Vending Machines

 Spiral Vending Machines


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    – Features

    – Spiral configuration

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    Special module


    Advantage WSS 630

 Deep-freeze Vending Machines

Tray insert for tube
to increase capacity
(also available as complete

Vend light gate
prevents loss of money in case
an empty compartment should
be selected

Laminated insulation glass
Multilayer glass with integrated
stainless steel grating

Guide rails for cans

Duomat option
Spirals with 18 turns and
a wire diameter of 5mm

Spiral compartment
for exchange spirals in case
of product change

Shortcut push button
for selection of favourite
Security coin insertion and
security return money compartment
Cashless payment systems
for magnetic card, chip or
key systems

Cooling units with two different temperature levels Health switch Different coin systems BDTA infrared interface for data transfer Lockable cash box Honor Gard coin security system Safety lock Stainless steel cabinet door Lateral foot panels Illumination for deep delivery box Heating for winter operation Special RAL colours