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The PEDESTAL can be
used in various ways -
as storage for CD covers,
an additional HIFI system,
as a mini bar or ...,
the sky's the limit..

Height 79.0cm
Width 60.0cm
Depth 41.0cm
Overall height Princess
incl. pedestal 181.0cm

The pedestal for the PRINCESS
is available in
2 versions:
1. cabinet without loudspeaker
2. with subwoofer system and
separate satellites.
Both versions have fixed front
screens manufactured of
lacquered steel.

The highly polished surface
gives a very special, almost
noble character to the
The subwoofer system
has two detachable
satellites for
separate use.
Height 65.0cm
Width 52.0cm
Depth 32.0cm
Output: 150w, 4ohms

Technical details
Pedestal with subwoofer system A special door insert allows the pedestal to be used as a compact loudspeaker system. A covered door insert is supplied inside the pedestal and can easily be changed for the standard closed door insert. The subwoofer system with two satellites is installed by simply pushing into position in the pedestal. Both satellite speakers can be removed and be used separately, either fixed to the wall or free standing.