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PRINCESS - the little jukebox with the big flair

Small in size but big in performance, the Princess is in
no way inferior to its big sister, the One More Time.
The PRINCESS is suitable for wall mounting or can
be based on a pedestal.


- CD changer for 120 CDs
- Stereo amplifier, 2 x 55watts RMS
- Microprocessor control unit
- Electronic coin acceptor
- Programmable timer for Play Stimulator and two
  background music intervals
- LED display in 4 digits
- Album play programmable
- Facility to cancel single tracks
- Connection for external loudspeaker
- Connections for microphone and external amplifier
- Internal test speaker
- Program holder for 120 CD title cards
- Frame for wall mounting

Height 102.0cm
Overall height 181.0cm
Width 58.5cm
Depth 43.8cm
Weight 87kg

Power supply
100 - 240volts, 50/60cps