One More Time CD
 One More Time Vinyl
 OMT Elvis Presley


 Rave On

The sound of Rock'n Roll:
Deutsche Wurlitzer GmbH & Elvis Presley

         The Elvis jukebox is
         produced in a limited
         edition only.
         An embossed and
         numbered metal plaque
         and a ‘Certificate of
         Authenticity’ with the
         managers’ signatures of
         Elvis Presley Enterprises
         and Deutsche Wurlitzer
         GmbH attesting the

         All technical details,
         dimensions and optional
         equipment of the Elvis
         jukebox are identical
         with the

Further information
The design is based on the legendary 1015 of the year 1946. A precious white egg- shell finish, a velvety blue speaker skin and golden trims making this jukebox exceptionally special. The jukebox is featured with the original Elvis signature engraved on the front pane, shows memorable scenes of his life and his portrait - framed by an unique playing of colours and the unmistakable bubbles. External speakers model LS 121 also available in the Elvis typical colours white-blue-gold.