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 One More Time CD



 OMT CD - iPod
 One More Time Vinyl
 Rave On
 Jukebox history

The most famous
Wurlitzer jukebox
a real treat for the eyes and ears
Chrome and glitter, rotating
light columns with magically
changing colours.
A fascinating spectacle
of light and sound.
That is the well-known
(short form OMT) CD.

No matter where the OMT CD
is located, whether it is the
entrance hall of a company,
a restaurant, a bar or a living
room - this nostalgic jukebox
will always be the optical and
acoustical eye catcher.

              The BLACK ONYX
              distinguishes itself
              by its elegant black

Further information
The ONE MORE TIME - the exceptional way to listen to music. Today's life-style has rediscovered the nostalgic charm of the forties and fifties. The beloved design of those days with chrome and glitter is a welcome change to the priority of functional and abstract features which dominate nowadays. The One More Time combines both. The faithful design of the legendary Wurlitzer 1015 of 1946 is the ideal casing for the sophisticated Wurlitzer CD changer. Now the music of Glenn Miller sounds in pure CD quality. But not just Glenn Miller, the One More Time CD plays up to 2500 hits and evergreens in superb laser sound quality.