Public Vending

Vending machines for public areas: secure and protected with the Public Vending- and Outdoor-Package.

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Ideal for inventories and management: Wurlitzer providing systems for merchandise.

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Butcher's, farm shops, camping sites or kiosks: suitable vending machines for various industries.

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Welcome to Wurlitzer

Wurlitzer vending machines: innovations with a long tradition for trade, industry and public vending

With over 100 years of history, Wurlitzer is a globally established supplier of vending machines. Our customers benefit from our high-quality, tried-and-tested technology “made in Germany“, innovative features and smooth operation.

At Wurlitzer, you can find the ideal vending machine for all product ranges and locations. Expand your sales options and offer your customers round-the-clock shopping service – without additional staff costs.

Wurlitzer vending machines can be digitally connected to merchandise management systems as an additional option for trade and industry. They thereby provide an innovative management option for merchandise and small items while offering automatic stock keeping and goods issue.Our vending machines can be stocked with industrial safety equipment, such as protective clothing, industrial safety goggles and industrial safety gloves. They can also be used to dispense construction and assembly articles, such as screws, dowels and connectors.

Wurlitzer spiral vending machines can be individually equipped for your product range. Various protection and security functions ensure for smooth operation in public (public vending). Other features ensure problem-free outdoor operation of vending machines while protecting the equipment and goods from weather effects and vandalism. The colourful exterior design possibilities make the machines a real eye-catcher for customers.

Customised industry-specific solutions

Wurlitzer has the ideal solution, whether it’s for railway stations, butcher’s shops, farm shops or factories. The complete vending machine solutions for public vending, industry and commerce are optimised according to specific location requirements and a wide variety of product ranges. Technical features such as dual-zone cooling system, security package or lift system allow for example the outdoor sale of fresh products.


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Colourful & full of variety

Give your Wurlitzer vending machine an individual touch and make it a real eye-catcher. Find out more about the colourful world of Wurlitzer.

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Jukebox service

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