Spiral vending machine, can be filled from both front and back.
Can be build-in to walls and shop windows, or for a free-standing installation.

For indoor siting and protected outside areas like shopping centres, concourses, platforms, petrol and carwash stations, supermarkets and kiosks.

Allows easy filling and a secure way of collection cash from inside.
Elliminates opened doors on the pavement not hindering pedestrians.


  • Max. 6 trays for max. 40 different products
  • Trays can be filled from both front and back
  • Sliding panel with electronics and coin system accessible from both sides


  • Height 183,0 cm
  • Width 102,3 cm
  • Depth 92,0 cm

Power supply

  • 230 volts
  • Extra-low voltage supply for internal functions
  • Illumination 2 x 21 watts


Product view


  • cooling system
  • Smart Waiter elevator system