Drinks module

Universal Vending Machines Wurlitzer 1000,
Wurlitzer 850 and Wurlitzer 700 with special module for visible cans and bottles.

With the special modular tray for drinks in cans and bottles the W 1000, W 850 and W 700 become ‘multi talented’.

Up to 6 different drink selections as well as sweets, snacks and foodstuffs are sales promoted presented in the large showcase.


  • Up to four trays for sweets, snacks and foodstuffs.
  • Special modular tray for up to 6 different selections of drinks.
  • High capacity through the modular system.

More flexible

  • Easy adaption to different can and bottle sizes within minutes.
  • Exchange of the sprecial modular tray for two spiral trays within minutes.

More attractive

  • Sales promoting presentation in ‘full-view’ design also for cans and bottles as the customer buys the product the he can see.


  • Steinless steel tray for cans and PET bottles
  • Up to 6 different drink selections
  • Easy adaption to different product sizes by stepless adjustment of the modules within minutes
  • Robust rotating dispensers
  • Transparent cover constructed of durable acrylic glass
  • Clear and flexible arrangement of product and price labels
  • Exchange of the modular tray for two spiral trays is possible

Can and bottle sizes

  • Cans: 0,25 l, 0,33 l, 0,375 l , 0,5 l contents
  • PET-Bottles: 0,33 l and 0,5 l contents
  • Diameter: min. 58 mm, max. 67 mm
  • Diameter for 0,25l cans (can adapter required): min. 51 mm, max. 57 mm

Filling example

Wurlitzer 1000

Wurlitzer 850

Wurlitzer 700

Modul combinations

Wurlitzer 1000

Wurlitzer 850

Wurlitzer 700


  • VarioTemp (operation with two different temperature zones)
  • Vend light gate
  • Can adapter for 0,25l cans