Vintage 850 Peacock

The Peacock Model 850, one of Wurlitzer’s best-loved and best-selling models of all time.

First on the market in 1941, the original Peacock Model 850 signaled a new era in jukebox aesthetics. With marbleized plastic and color animation, the Peacock became an instant classic, raising the bar for every model that came after. A rare and coveted find in the vintage marketplace today, some original Peacock models sell for tens of thousands of dollars online and at auction.



  • 100 CD changer
  • Philips CD Pro player
  • Stereo amplifier with 2x55w rms
  • 3-way stereo speaker system with six built-in speakers
  • Electronic coin acceptor
  • Infrared remote control for volume, mute, title selection and cancel time
  • Extensive possibillities for programming and data retrieval
  • Illuminated side columns
  • Peacock picture with two speed color rotation
  • Mouldings made of solid pressure diecasting
  • Motor driven paging system for up to 2000 CD tracks (80 x 25)
  • Leather-bound book for presentation of all titles from 100 CDs
  • Connections for additional speakers


  • Height 65,5″
  • Width 39″
  • Depth 26,5″
  • Weight 374 lb

Power Supply

  • US version 117V, 60cps
  • other countrys 100 – 240V, 50/60cps


Product views

Fascinating continuous color change


LS 4004 broadband speaker system
50 W, 8 Ohm
Wall mounting
Cabinet with wooden pattern
Illumination 230 V, 15 W max.
Diameter 41,5 cm, depth 21 cm, weigth 6,6 kg

Loudspeaker model LS122 in original One More Time design.
Two-way speaker system, floor standing or wall mounting.
Cabinet with wooden pattern, white or black high-gloss surface.
H: 52.0 cm / 20.5″, W: 32.0 cm / 12.6″, D: 24.8 cm / 9.8″
Output: 120 w, 8 ohms

Standard (OMT CD, OMT CD iPod):
Leather-bound Book for Title Cards and CD Covers

Microphone Kit

Infrared Remote Control with Selection Buttons

BGM Connector