Wurlitzer Leasing: as flexible as your sales

The Wurlitzer Vario leasing offer provides our customers with an attractive alternative to purchasing a vending machine. The low leasing rates with flexible terms are fixed in the contract and allow for reliable planning on a solid calculation basis. Moreover, rates and terms can be individually agreed. A seasonal fluctuation in sales, for example, can be brought into the calculation.

Leasing pays off for all volumes, both for retailers who are just looking for one or two vending machines as an addition to their shop as well as for operators of a large number of machines.

The vending machines are profitable from the first day of operation until the end of the contract term and do not put a strain on liquidity.

Our sales team is available for any questions regarding our leasing options and colourful designs.

Vario leasing: your benefits at a glance

  • Maintains liquidity: no capital commitment due to investment or purchase

  • High profitability: achieve full returns on a minimal investment

  • No reduction in value: the machine is returned at the end of the term. No reselling risk for the lessee

  • Flexible terms: customers are only committed for as long as they want

  • Unbeatable terms and conditions: monthly rates from just EUR 79,- with no down payment

  • Seasonal rates: variable leasing rates to offset seasonal fluctuation in sales

Our financing example

Wurlitzer Vario leasing: your vending machine for just EUR 79 a month

Price of vending machine:

EUR 4,400

Leasing factor:



60 months

Leasing rate:

EUR 78.76 a month


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Inexpensive and flexible: Wurlitzer leasing. Find out more about our financing options.


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