Wurlitzer Innovations

Wurlitzer stands for tradition and innovation. For more than 100 years, we have been developing and producing vending machines and are now one of the leading manufacturers of vending machine technology. During the course of the company’s history, Wurlitzer has achieved a series of unique technical highlights with its vending machines.   

Overview of the main technical innovations:

2011   Wurlitzer adds the hot-drinks dispenser Whole Bean E and Instant IN as a floor and table-top appliance to its product range.
2003   Wurlitzer introduced the Backloader. The spiral vending machine, can be filled from both front and back. It can be build-in to walls and shop windows, or for a free-standing installation.
2002   A new generation of vending machines is introduced. The new vending machines called Wurlitzer W 1000, Wurlitzer W 800, Wurlitzer W 750.
2001   World’s first manufacturer of can and bottle modules for viewable drinks. The impulse-buying concept now becomes available for cans and PET bottles.
2000   Further developments concentrate on the sale of newspapers and magazines from vending machines. The first units were purchased by newspaper publishers and wholesalers. Deutsche Wurlitzer starts with the production of vending machines for drinks.
1999   Global initiative by Deutsche Wurlitzer to transfer the spiral vending concept to post office vending. An interesting growth market arises from the sale of postal supplies (stamps, envelopes, packaging materials). Postal officials in many countries recognize that a modern-day service – available 24 hours a day – is made possible by offering sales from vending machines.
1998   First manufacturer of the “lift” (SmartWaiter) concept in spiral vending machines – concept to allow sales of breakable and delicate products such as yogurt and ready-to-eat meels from full-view vending machines.
1997   World’s first manufacturer of an optical payment recognition system in vending machines.
1996   First manufacturer worldwide to introduce the VarioTemp concept in spiral vending machines. Adjustable, multiple temperature zones and introduction of the 3°C (37°F) cooling class in spiral full-view machines. Fresh food products and sweets can now be offered and sold at temperatures suited to each product.
1992   First manufacturer to introduce the high-security vending machine in partnership with leading European vending operators in the public vending area. The high-security vending machines can be found everywhere – whether in German, Swiss, French or Spanish train stations, the Metro in Paris or the subway in Barcelona. Deutsche Wurlitzer becomes Europe’s largest manufacturer of high-security models.
1987   Worldwide introduction of the first full-view ice cream freezer vending machine. The full-view impulse-purchase concept for this vending machine type was given the name “Deli”.
1985   Global orientation of the company was redefined: All products will be manufactured in Germany. Quality – Made in Germany.
1979   First manufacturer to introduce refrigeration in spiral vending machines.
1976   First European manufacturer of spiral vending machines (also known as display window vending machines). The visibility of the products stimulated impulse purchases. Because of the flexibility of spiral technology, a wide variety of products besides sweets and snacks are well-suited to these machines. These can range from canned drinks to CD’s and any number of other products.
    Deutsche Wurlitzer was the first European manufacturer to integrate bill acceptors as a standard feature into cigarette and snack vending machines.


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