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Wurlitzer Deli

  • 4 trays
  • 32 selections
  • 280 up to 352 products (with standard spirals)
  • Dimensions: w/h/d 100.3 x 183 x 83.5 cm
  • Weight: 382 kg
  • Refrigerator: adjustable from -18°C to -30°C
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Spiral configurations

4 trays
32 selections

Max. product width (dependent on product depth):

  • single compartment approx 6,7 cm
  • double compartment approx 14,0 cm

Further spiral divisions and configurations upon request.


  • Programmable microprocessor control unit (IVC) with data memory, test, and service programs
  • Payment systems according to MDB standard, Executive or BDV optional
  • Easy maintenance of electronic control unit and payment system via pull-out assembly
  • Motor-controlled money-back guarantee
  • Alphanumeric credit and text display
  • Electronic interior thermometer with external digital display
  • Triple insulated pane with heating against condensation
  • Show case with security glass
  • Seamless foamed cooling cabinet
  • Motor-driven cooling cabinet flap, heated
  • Anticorrosive, powder coated steel cabinet
  • Standard color RAL 9006 (white aluminium)
  • Stainless steel panel and delivery flap
  • Robust 3-point locking with lever and central lock
  • Stainless steel trays, top tiltable for filling
  • Stainless steel spirals are easily exchangeable for different product sizes
  • 4 trays with 4 or 8 selections per unit
  • Special tray for ice cream cones
  • Power saving internal LED illumination

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  • Infrared interface for data transfer
  • Cashless payment systems
  • Special RAL colours available
  • 5 trays
  • Spirals for 5 to 6 products
  • Vend light gate
  • Telemetry

Technical details

  • 600 W refrigerator, adjustable from -21°C/-5.8°F down to -30°C/-22°F
  • Compact design for easy maintenance and exchange of parts
  • Programmable electronic refrigeration controller with Real-Time-Clock for defrost cycles
  • Temperature control to block vend operation if preset temperature limit is exceeded
  • Reverse ventilation during defrosting for self-cleaning of the condensor grille
  • Power supply: 230 V, 50/60cps, 16 amps
  • Extra-low voltage supply for internal functions

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